Monday, January 22, 2007

On the Needles

Right now I am working on the Central Park Hoodie in the CPH KAL.

I have done the back and almost done the left front. I am really looking forward to having this finished asap.

I have also knitted socks, the ones here are for my daughter Jessica, but she found them too itchy with the wool content, so they end up being mine. I am going to get some Cascade Fixation tomorrow and knit socks up for her and hope she finds them more comfortable.

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Pam said...

HI knit girl!

You were worried about sizing of this sweater on the KAL site. *If* you're knitting to the gauge of the pattern, the sizes are actual measurements - so if your actual bust is 36, a 44 sweater would give you 8 inches of ease. You could measure a sweater you own that fits like you hope this one does and see if 8 inches is about right -- also make sure your pieces are coming out close to gauge. The pieces do look really narrow as you knit them, at least in my experience.

Great color, btw!